Scott O Hirsch

Scott O Hirsch

An American online entrepreneur by the name of Scott O Hirsch. It wasn't until 1992 that he began selling contact lenses and other things online, which was the beginning of his successful career in electronic commerce. In 1998, he launched eDirect and began working in commercial email marketing. Hirsch started the interactive advertising firm and email marketing powerhouse Relation Served Media in 2004.

Hirsch helped develop the app-creation platform Appsbar Inc.[1] in 2009. Besides managing boxers, he presently operates Appsbar. Scott also writes for the Huffington Post regularly.

In 1998, Scott O Hirsch started eDirect, a company that would subsequently combine with Naviant and joins the commercial email marketing sector (often known as the spam game). According to Time[16], Hirsch parted ways with Naviant to sell it to Equifax[17], a consumer credit powerhouse, for a whopping $135,000,000. Naviant, the resulting company, is among the most significant indirect Internet marketing. After pioneering the practice of adding email addresses to mailing lists, Naviant quickly became an industry leader in the realm of online registration.

Hirsch started the interactive advertising firm and email marketing powerhouse Relation Served Media in 2004. In 2005, Hirsch had the firm begin trading publicly on the NYSE under the ticker name RSVM. Scott established DigDev, now known as DigDev Direct, a digital media agency, in 2008.

Currently situated in Florida, Hirsch is a professional boxing manager. He is Cory Spinks' manager, the junior middleweight who has won five world titles and is ranked first in the world by the International Boxing Federation. He was nominated for the same award by the Boxing Writers Association of America and was named Boxing Manager of the Year by the WBO in 2006. His three heavyweights, Shannon Briggs, Jameel McCline, and JD Chapman, went a perfect 14-0 in 2006. Before losing a unanimous decision to Sultan Ibragimov in Atlantic City in June 2007, he guided two-time heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, to seven consecutive victories and the WBO World Heavyweight championship.

Additionally, he trained Jameel McCline to a perfect 6-0-0 record and a shot at the WBA championship in January 2007 in Basel, Switzerland, a fight McCline ultimately lost due to a knee injury. He has helped JD Chapman, a heavyweight prospect from Arkansas, amass a 27-0 record and a #14 global ranking in the WBC's rankings. So far, Chapman's competition has been unranked. In addition to appearing on the cards of big promoters like Don King, Wilfred Sauerland, Golden Boy, Main Events, Cedric Kushner, and Duva Boxing, Hirsch's boxers are also regulars on national television.